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The Title Tag and SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Tuesday, March 5th, 2013

The title is not visible on the actual website. It is exposed above the address bar as shown below. The view below is from Firefox on the Mac. Different browsers place it elsewhere in the bar but not on the site itself. The title is the most powerful tag for your SEO (Search Engine Optimization)  strategy.

Even though the title is not visible on the website, it is on the address bar and is the label of the bookmark when saving a page to favorites. It is also what comes up when sharing the page on Linkedin, Facebook and other social media communications.


Rules to prompt the robots to recognize your page with the title:

  • Put strong keywords first. This isn’t about grammar or sound bites. This is about what the robots like.
  • Keep the theme of the page. If you are talking about hiking for exercise and not once is nutrition mentioned on the page, don’t use the word nutrition on the title of that page.
  • Each page should have a unique title. Since each page on your site contains different information. Robots like it when the title supports the information itself.
  • For strategy use the word of the site. The word of the site is what the whole site is about. Since the goal of the website is “health”, it is good to support this keyword yet keep the theme of the page. The page may not mention the actual word health but since it is in the name of the website and organization that is how to use it. My suggestion for the title would be: Exercise, Hiking – Health Conscious Movement.
  • The theme of the website or the theme of the page. Even though the word health is the most important for the website, it is not important for the page. Keep it in the title as to say this is from the Health Conscious Movement. Do not overwhelm the robots with words. Two or three words with the website name as a name not an address is the most effective.
  • Sentences are OK to use in the title. This works when the title is dynamic and the heading of the page automatically goes into the title. Most headings on blogs and dynamic pages follow the theme of the page. A few adverbs can help when sharing the page for social media. This can be more important than search engines for getting users to your site for the right reason.

Building a Site With Selling in Mind

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

If we start with the look, use your own images. Do not use borrowed images from the web. This is true for your content as well. That is true for two reasons. The first is the same for images and text; it is plagiarism. Second: the search engines refuse to recognize content the second time it is posted. When choosing the domain name it is a good idea to use your keywords or phrase instead of the name of your company. That way when a competitor buys your site. It is much easier to assume the site as their own.

The method you choose for building your site can make a difference. Some hosting companies offer templates that you can use to build your site. If you use their template, the content of your site is stored on the hosting company’s database. This makes it more difficult for a buyer to move the site. Read more…

It’s About The Message

Thursday, December 31st, 2009

When it comes to investing in a website, it’s the message that is the most important. The look of a site supports the message. A website, no matter how you get your users to the site, whether it be with a great search engine rating, you buy your keywords through a search engine, or you have your own marketing method to bring your users, the message of the website must communicate what it needs to get your user to do what you want or expect. The strategy is to have a look and the right text that will influence what your user will do. The mechanics of the site will then let the user communicate with you. If it is to buy a product or service, the merchant needs to communicate not only the product that they want but also a safe way for your user to know their purchase will be handled with care. A great tip is to make sure you buy from yourself fist, so you can completely understand the buying process in order to more thoroughly communicate it to your user. Read more …

How Much is Too Much

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

Websites can become overly busy places for content. Since content is key in SEO (search engine optimization) and the home page is the best place, our focus can make the site a little sloppy. That is why I choose to address, “How Much is Too Much.”

The Internet, or the WWW to be more specific, is about information, and no matter how many images, animations, videos and audios we put on the site, it is still about information. Whether we pay for keywords or get our site to rank high without paying for keywords it is still about picking the right words. Once you do have the appropriate keywords and you allow them to do their job, you will not only receive hits, but also customers. Additionally, if you load up your site pages with a lot of words that align with the keywords, it can work for free.

Now you have to decide how much information is enough. If you load up your site with information, you get the users to come, but you can scare them away from overload. A simple message is always easier to understand and users prefer it. The real trick keeping it simple is the way you organize your content. You don’t want to many messages and too many promises on one page. If you have 1500 words on your home page, make sure they all support the message that sells your product.

Taking a Poll or a Survey

Friday, October 30th, 2009

There are ways to set up surveys with email programs or websites like that allow you to take surveys to find out what your target audience is thinking. Using a survey on your site can also be an effective way to attract new clients. For instance, if you sell printing, blast an email to your contact list, or one that you have purchased, and ask them to answer a question. “Were you satisfied with your last printing project?” is a good example. This could be a yes or no answer with an area for text to elaborate and add additional comments. This is not a long survey, but it gets users to your site and the website will then do more selling for you. You can also bring people to your site by polling something in the news, even if it isn’t related to your business. For example, “Do you think public health care is necessary?” If you do not want to be political, ask a question related to a movie or holiday like, “Do you agree with children going door-to-door for Halloween?” Read more...

Are RSS Aggregators Useful Web Tools?

Friday, October 2nd, 2009

A RSS feed is what makes a blog, a blog. RSS feeds have a direct line to searching that is not from the typical search engine. They are also much faster because they scan every few hours. A search engine may scan your site every 2 or 3 months to update your info in their data.

An aggregator is useful for utilizing someone else’s content from a blog on your website. However, if you copy someone else’s content on your site, the search engines will refuse to recognize it. This is a way to protect content. Search engines do that same with an Aggregator’s content. It will not recognize it. Read more…

The Gallery

Monday, September 28th, 2009

Is it no longer necessary to have to create galleries for your website from scratch. There is now software available to help display your images and has become very popular with photographers. However, anyone can enjoy this way to display their work, but keep in mind that it requires quality photos. Companies that focus on architecture, remodeling, decorating, landscaping and even hair design, can utilize this program to show off their talents.

There are a few things to consider when you are preparing to set up a gallery. The first is to compile a collection of quality photos for display. Unfortunately, with a software program you are limited to the displays that come with it and the way to put them together. Jalbum is a free program that creates galleries but it is somewhat complicated. The hardest part is updating it. Another program to consider is php software called Gallery. It is not easy to do custom work, but it is easier to update. Read more…

A Web Tool - The Media Kit

Sunday, September 20th, 2009

Media kits are often used as a tool for presenting. Traditionally, they are an expensive tool that is usually sent to individuals through the mail.

It is no longer necessary to create such an expensive physical kit and have it sent to you. It is more efficient to have it built on the web. This way it can be customized for your individual needs and it will still have all the tools, links, videos, photos etc that you need. A media kit allows you to accomplish many tasks that are related to presenting. For example, it provides you the ability to make a pdf of a photo or even a larger jpeg and make it downloadable for flyer use. If you are interested in using videos on the web the best way is to store them on Youtube and then access them through your site and media kit. Read more…

Are Images A Necessity Or An Accessory To Your Website?

Monday, August 31st, 2009

When images were first introduced to the web they were definitely welcomed, but often they were treated as an accessory. The web was not able to tolerate big images that took forever to download. This is not as much of problem anymore, since most software can compress images into smaller sizes.

Images should support the message that a website is trying to communicate. They make it easier to reach a wide variety of people. If used properly I would say they are a necessity. Just imagine a website without images. The web would not be as popular or as effective.

What About Animations? Read more…

Putting Audio on Your Site

Sunday, August 30th, 2009

Putting audio on your website use to be taboo, but it is now used to enhance your site. For example, when a photographer is showing photographs with background sound it can create a mood for the viewer, Restaurants can create the ambiance of their restaurant with music on their site,

One thing to consider is that audio does not have to be music. It can be a sound pitch to help win over clients. The use of sound for your website is involving a possible third sense in the aim to sell; seeing, hearing and touching the site. The acceptable way to present it is to let the viewers launch the sound themselves. This seems less annoying to some, but is it as effective as letting the sound be launched with the website automatically? Giving the viewer the option to turn it off if they prefer is a great way to solve that problem.

Similar to using a video on your sight, the best way to share audio is through the program Flash. It makes the audio streaming and can be programmed with the controls you desire. Read more…