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Why is Redundant Content Penalized in Google?

Sunday, October 23rd, 2011

If you are searching a topic and the same article comes up five times, this could make your research less effective and more time consuming. An article posted many times comes from a common belief that spinning your article all over the web will bring you more exposure. All this is doing is cluttering the web with redundant content. It is also reducing your website’s placement in the search engine rankings. This is even less effective than the traditional meta tag keyword myth. Look that one up. Redundant content has run its course, as Google, for one, looks for high-quality original sites in search of good content.

The World Wide Web is about content. It is a way to search and find something. It is important that content be original and clean. Google’s algorithms can now tell when an article is repeated and spun with a few words changed to fool the robots.
If you have a concern about rankings in search engines do not reuse your articles all over the web. If you want to post to a publisher, do not repeat the article on your site. It is O.K. to link. If the publisher does not archive the article, it is O.K. to post it on your site. If the publisher owns the article, then post it on yours, as it leaves their site and credits the publisher for the article.  Read more…

The Links to the Site

Friday, October 29th, 2010

Linking to your site can raise your rank but there are some things you need to remember as you link to your site. Often when a link is created to a website only the domain name is used as the link. If your domain name does not have your important keywords in it then the link is not supporting your placement for those words. For instance, If I make a link for, it doesn’t have Phoenix website design in it, it does nothing for my placement. The one who owns the domain has an advantage right off the bat.

There is a way to help your name and that is to make the text of your keywords the link. This isn’t always possible but when it is, it adds power to your placement. Phoenix Web Design is linked to my site. If you are posting a link in a blog and make it the title, it doesn’t have any effect. I have just tested this, I made the term transNET Media® LLC a title in a blog and it didn’t do anything. Read more …

Is the SEO effort working?

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

We have moved up to page 6 which means it is between 60 and 70. It is moving up. There is a website that keeps track of the links to your site and the keywords linked to it. Go to If you can make those keywords line up with the words you choose as the right keywords for your site, it can help to move up your ranking. Getting to page two is important. Searchers today don’t feel as compelled to use the number one listing for a search. The first page can be dominated by directories. They are large listings and companies that spend big bucks for SEO maintenance. These sites are being forced to the top. Most searchers are seeing the value in digging a little deeper. For instance, if you are looking for someone to work on your car and you key in Auto Repair Phoenix, they first several listings are going to be car dealerships. Maybe you don’t want to us a car dealership. Then you may dig deeper then the first page.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is still a good idea as searches dig a little deeper to find you. Read more …


Friday, September 24th, 2010

Based on our research we are now focusing on the placement of the phrase “Phoenix Web Design.” This does mean on the website but it also means naming links to the website. What does that mean? If you put a link to your website, say in a blog, give it a title and use the phrase for which you want your site to rank high in Google.
SEO title

The homepage title tag is probably the most important tag on the entire site. It is much much more powerful than any meta tag. The title is above the web address with the http://— If your competition isn’t great, this alone can bring your ranking up on google. Often this is not enough. Now, it is a good idea to repeat this phrase in a header in the text somewhere and it can only help to repeat it again in the content. We have done this. Read more …

The Keyword Stategy

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

Have you ever heard of the cobbler’s son who goes barefoot? Well, our website is barefoot. It needs some tender loving SEO. We do not advertise ourselves as SEO specialists but by following certain rules, sites can climb to the spots that can bring them a Google presence. Selling and new clients is another matter. That is where your site needs to do a few more things with the message you give. We decided to give an SEO uplift. So far, we have toyed with some phrases but this takes a serious focus to get your site on the first page with the right phrase. So this article is about picking the phrase we want for our site to place high on Google.
To do this we are using two google tools

  1. Google Adwords keyword tool
  2. A search in Google itself

Using google Adword keyword tool it tells us how many times phrases are used within a month.

Here are the results of the phrases we thought were key.

Web Design 4,090,000
Phoenix web design 6,600
Phoenix web designer 6,600
Arizona web design 6,600
Phoenix web development 880
Phoenix online marketing 590
Phoenix internet marketing 1,600
Phoenix social media 390
Phoenix php development nothing
Php development 40,500
Phoenix web master nothing

Even though a web designer, developer or master are what we are, those numbers show what was keyed in by users. There is no sense in trying to come up for “Phoenix web master” in search engines since it is not keyed in enough to register data.

Localizing the data to an area like Phoenix is good. It makes the search more specific and a little easier to achieve. Notice the number for web design. Seems like an easy choice but adding the word Phoenix makes the climb a little easier. As we make our decisions on how we go about this, maybe it will be clearer as to how it works.

When you do a search in Google, you will notice that it tells you the number of times a phrase is found on websites. When you put the phrase in quotations, it gives you the number where the phrase is found just as you keyed it. If you key in “Phoenix Web Design,” it doesn’t give you “Web Design Phx.” If you leave the quotes off, it will give the number every time those words are used alone and together.


Phoenix Web Desigin 9,510,000 “Phoenix Web Design” 93,700
Phoenix Web Designer 14,600,000 “Phoenix Web Designer” 99,100
“Arizona web design” 742,000
” web design” 9,430,000
Phoenix Online Marketing 6,710,000 “Phoenix online Marketing” 56,200

Because of the results from the keyword tool, I decided to search only for the terms above. As I consider what I really want to be found for; it is design. Even though building a website is a marketing budget expense, we are designers, developers and masters. But “developers” and “masters” are not words that are used.

Now we compare: Arizona, Phoenix and without localizing. These numbers shows our competition using or not using the locality. We want this number to be small. Our choice is “Phoenix Web Design.”

If we try to find ourselves on Google for this term, we come upat 187. We also did a search for us for the term Phoenix Web Designer. We come up at 187 as well. Read more … (more…)