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Thinking Outside the Box When Designing Your Site

Tuesday, June 29th, 2010

When thinking outside the box with a website, it may mean leave the canned templates behind. No matter what business you are in it is important to stand out from your competitors. Thinking outside the box makes the difference. Serving your existing clients online can give your site the edge over your competition. This and a keyword strategy aligned with online marketing can communicate a selling message that attracts new customers. This means a website that is custom built.

Many businesses use their websites to perform customer service functions. Like answering common questions. If some of these answers are only for customers, give them a login on your site and start your own social media place on your site for only for your customers. This is a place where customers can log in get the answers to questions about products they bought from you and now can be an added feature to you business.

Another idea is to make forms designed to not only come to you as emails but also can be stored in databases. This can create multiple ways of accessing the data. The options you have are up to you with a good web designer that has a full functional development team to help you create a unique site beyond your competition. Read more …

Is Wordpress Your Website Answer

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

We think Wordpress is your blog answer but in most cases, it is not the website answer. Wordpress has a blog program where you can put the blog on your website. This means it is more a link to the blog. It means when an entry is made into the blog it goes in a database on the same server where your website is located. If you decide to close the blog and all its contents, you are more successful when it is loaded on your site. You delete the database. Copies are stored in some archives but it isn’t easy to retrieve.

Wordpress websites are a lot like the Wordpress blog except there is no RSS feed. Our problem with a Wordpress website is that it is one-size fits all. It can take 10 minutes to upload a wordpress website. We find those who have them are not as likely to keep posting to it. That is the advantage of a Wordpress website. It is as easy as a blog to make updates. Unfortunately, many find blogs confusing too.

A custom website is tailored to the needs of the merchant. Let’s face it, you buy a one-size fits all in the bargain basement. You may not think so if your programmer charged you a lot to set up your Wordpress website. They may be charging you for custom graphics maybe even your initial content. It is not custom. If you are very computer savvy and a good writer who likes to contribute, a Wordpress website is for you. Read more…

Can You Sell Your Site?

Friday, June 4th, 2010

So; we ask ourselves why would someone want to buy your site. Is it because it looks good when someone finally gets to the site. Is it because it gets a lot of hits? Is it because you are actually making an income from your site?

These are reasons why someone would buy a site. If you built a good and easy to use shopping cart for products that someone may want to sell, it increases the usefulness of your site. Maybe the traffic you are generating is just the traffic the buyer needs. Does your site have the process of selling perfected? It could be that you organized your information in a way that a competitor could use it. It may be that someone wants to buy your business and your good website is just the asset that makes the sale. Your site can show the image of your company right down to how organized it is. Your site may be loaded with information on your type of business. A competitor could be interested in buying your website. It may be cost effective to buy your site as opposed to building one. That is one reason to use a generic domain name. Read More…

Free Websites With Hosting

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

When you are on a budget, it is nice to go for the free. However, if this is an indicator of starting your site right, you may get what you pay for. If you are pretty proficient on the computer you may feel capable of launching a site with the type of template that comes free along with the hosting. It may even look like a pretty good site. The one thing you want to remember is that the site isn’t really yours. It is created from a database and all the content and images you add are added to the hosting company’s database. If the hosting company is an established company, it probably isn’t going anywhere. That’s good! Then again you can’t take it anywhere either. If your company starts to grow and you want to go more custom, it probably means starting over with your site. Since all this time you got away pretty cheap, that may be OK. It is better when it isn’t a surprise. Read more …

Why A Blog Site?

Monday, April 26th, 2010

A blog is not a website. You can use a blog as a website but they do two different things. Blogs are weblogs where a user would keep an online journal. It seemed appropriate to add an RSS feed. A blog being is for current information. RSS feeds made the post available sooner. This means it goes to the blog searches within hours. The RSS feed actually started for news to get across to the sites ASAP. If you have a blog and you get a following, your followers can put a reader up on a page where they can see when you put a new posting up in hours. A blog should be treated differently than a website. It should link to your site but not be your site.

A website is about your business, even if your business is all about you. For instance, a speaker’s business is all about them. Their product is them but using their blog as a website limits the possibilities of the website. A speaker can customize their events on a page so that it is more than just a calendar. The sky is the limit and the searches for websites are different than for blogs. It does take longer to get a website into the search engine databases, but once there you can climb to a better rank. Read more …

Are Content Management Sites for You?

Monday, April 19th, 2010

If you are pretty computer savvy but not a programmer, a content management site could be for you. It is also good to be a good writer. Good in the fact that you do it, are grammatically correct and make sense. A content management site is often compared to a blog. The difference between a blog and content management site is a blog has an RSS feed. That means that the content can be searched with a blog search within hours. A content management site takes as long as any web site to be listed by the search engines. Search engines scan all websites every few months to check for updates and store the data on their servers. When someone keys in a search the keywords on your site are prioritized and if you are ranked high enough you will come up. That is also why you often get dead links. A search is done and the keywords find your page but the page or site was taken down before the search engines got back to check it.

Content management sites are built as one size fits all. Who buys one size fits all? When it comes to clothes we know “one size fits all” never fits anyone. That is something to think about when you buy a packaged content management site. You are buying a lot more site then you need. You may think, well good maybe some day I will use that extra site. When you bought your computer, did you load it up with software that you know you will never use even though it came with the package? You are losing valuable space and bogging down your computer.

A first suggestion is: Make your website part of your business plan. Think Big. If your company continues to grow, where should your site be in 5 years. Lay a good custom fit foundation that can accommodate all the features you want in the future. Read more…

Hiring A Web Master

Monday, April 12th, 2010

There comes a time when you realize your business needs a website. Social networking can do a lot but credibility really comes from a website. Or, maybe you have a website and realize it is time to put a little more into it. Websites are the business way to communicate your image. That happens not only in the look but what you do with the site to make it an effective business tool. Maybe, you do not have the budget to hire a web master. Getting a domain name and having a site on it no matter how you do it, helps establish your company on the web. If you realize the importance of a site and want to start it right, plan it like you do your business. Think big! When you put together a business plan you create a 5-year and a 10-year plan. A website can grow too, if a good foundation is laid, if it is a good website; it can be worth money. Once you decide the features you want on your site, start talking to web master candidates and compare what they say and what they cost. Another consideration you want to make when you build your site is who is writing the copy and how are you adding it to the site. Determine whether it is a good idea to train someone on your staff to maintain your site or is it is more effective, in the long run, to hire a professional, 3rd party who will always be there. Read more …