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A Calendar or the SAMventer?

Monday, May 18th, 2009

When a website owner wants to place events on his/her website, the choice between using a calendar format or the SAMventer is based on how to best display events. Frequently he/she chooses a calendar not realizing that this format gives too much information to the site visitor. For example, imagine an organization has only one event and it is scheduled for July. The website shows the current month May and no event is listed there. To find out when the event takes place, the visitor must page through May and June before reaching the listed event in July. In the process the visitor might just assume the organization doesn’t update its calendar. Now, think of an organization that has several events in a single month. For them, a calendar makes sense and shows the May events immediately. The visitor easily chooses the day the event takes place from the calendar. It works well for the user. (Click here to continue.)

Listing Events on Your Site

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

The website tool that lists your events needs to be updated regularly. Once we realized how each organization needed a custom way to list events, we created SAMventer. It allows you to list and update your events easily. And, it gives you a lot of flexibility so that your event will run smoothly. Which of these functions do we need to take into account as we design a SAMventor for your website? (Click here to read more.)