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5 Places that Contribute to Your SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

Search engines set the rules for ranking your site and they are subject to change. Below are a few basic things to remember when creating the foundation of your website.

  1. Title – he title is not seen on your site, but is visible on the top bar of the browser and becomes the bookmark text for a web page. Right now, it is the most powerful place to put keywords on your site. After deciding what keywords will work best, from left to right create the keywords and make sure to put your name on the end. Localizing your keywords is important if you only want to do business in a certain area. Since the web can be searched by anyone in the world, the location will most likely be important to you. For example, if you use the term website designer, it can cover a lot of web site designers. If you include the locality, Phoenix, it will more likely give you a chance to rank higher in the search engines.
  2. Headings – Make sure your headings are not images and that they contain your keywords.
  3. Content – It is important to have at least one hundred words on your home page and they need to contain keywords. Do not overdo your keywords, but use them effectively. You can be thrown out of search engines for not using keywords properly.. Read more …

Writing in The Keyword Strategy

Friday, June 19th, 2009

When first building a website, many are not concerned about their ranking in the search engines. The main concern tends to be about a presence that gives their company credibility. This is usually the case because there is a common misunderstanding about the connection. I do find, a year or two later, clients wonder why they are not coming up in the search engines. For this reason I insist in taking action from the start. Their indifference to search engines is a good thing in one respect. It takes time to build a rapport with the search engines, and it takes several months to even be found by them. Once the search engines find your website, and if you are set up correctly, your site can start bringing the right traffic.

Deciding your category is important. To help you choose one effectively, take your category and go to a keyword selector to see what words in this category are often searched by users. This google tool is for keywords. This is setup for google’s campaign to bid on words, but it is useful for free searches. It gives the number of searches and suggestions of key phrases that were used for the previous month. There are sometimes key phrases that are never keyed in. When this happens, you can be ranked #1 for a search, but if the keyword is never used, what good is such a rank? You want to rank high for the searches that are often keyed in.

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Writing For A Website

Sunday, June 14th, 2009

Individuals often misunderstand how important the written part of a website is. Writing is a very powerful marketing tool and the more a writer knows how it works the more effective the writing can be. One of the first rules in marketing is knowing your target market, your audience or your ideal client. This is true of a website as well as any marketing campaign. Even though the website is accessible from anywhere in the world, it is about talking to your target audience. Click Here To Continue

Registration for an Event

Monday, June 1st, 2009

If you are a company that holds events and charges for them, the best way to get paid by your attendees is to offer online registration and payment. When a user first comes to your site and wishes to attend an event, the best time to get them to commit is right away. Often once a potential person leaves, they look elsewhere for what they want and this creates a reasonable chance that you will loose them as potential clients.

Online registration has many more benefits than receiving money right away from customers, it also allows you to keep track of them. With SAMventer, once they are registered they will be in your database that will include the client’s email and contact information. If any changes occur with a particular event, you will have a contact list available to email the attendees the changes that have been made. This allows you to change times and dates without have to call everyone up and individually explain the alterations in the schedule.

Online registration also allows you to send information, confirmation notes, and agendas to everyone on your event list.

In addition, SAMventer keeps track of who paid and, if you desire, who will pay at the door. It also allows you to edit the list, so if someone decides not to come or that they want to bring a friend, you can easily make changes accordingly.

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