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Are Images A Necessity Or An Accessory To Your Website?

Monday, August 31st, 2009

When images were first introduced to the web they were definitely welcomed, but often they were treated as an accessory. The web was not able to tolerate big images that took forever to download. This is not as much of problem anymore, since most software can compress images into smaller sizes.

Images should support the message that a website is trying to communicate. They make it easier to reach a wide variety of people. If used properly I would say they are a necessity. Just imagine a website without images. The web would not be as popular or as effective.

What About Animations? Read more…

Putting Audio on Your Site

Sunday, August 30th, 2009

Putting audio on your website use to be taboo, but it is now used to enhance your site. For example, when a photographer is showing photographs with background sound it can create a mood for the viewer, Restaurants can create the ambiance of their restaurant with music on their site,

One thing to consider is that audio does not have to be music. It can be a sound pitch to help win over clients. The use of sound for your website is involving a possible third sense in the aim to sell; seeing, hearing and touching the site. The acceptable way to present it is to let the viewers launch the sound themselves. This seems less annoying to some, but is it as effective as letting the sound be launched with the website automatically? Giving the viewer the option to turn it off if they prefer is a great way to solve that problem.

Similar to using a video on your sight, the best way to share audio is through the program Flash. It makes the audio streaming and can be programmed with the controls you desire. Read more…

The Audio-Video Connection

Friday, August 21st, 2009

We already know that we need the right keywords to get any decent ranking within search engines, which means content is key. It is another story when you are trying to communicate your message and purpose to your audience once they do get to your site. The very popular audio video speaks to your user for you and is a very effective solution to this problem. The speaker moves all over your site as if the background is transparent. This allows for information to be shared without expecting your users to read your entire site from top to bottom. This also surpasses the idea that sound is annoying when launching a site. Read more…

Putting Videos on Your Site

Wednesday, August 12th, 2009

Putting Videos on Your Site

A great place to store your videos online is The best way to get started is to create an account online, which will allow you to keep track of all of your videos. Once you log into your profile, click on Account then look for the link “Upload Video”. After you have uploaded your video you are going to have to type in a description and keywords. It is important to keep in mind that YouTube is owned by Google, a search engine. This can be used as another tool by you in search engine optimization and allowing the search engines to better recognize your company/products.

This is good to know as you set up your advertising campaign. Videos are searchable, and there are a couple of questions to think about when loading your videos: Why would somebody search your video, or why would someone find you? For example, you make a video on, “How to install a kitchen sink.” Plumber and kitchen sink are good keywords and this could get you some notoriety. Remember, a search on YouTube could get you recognition in Australia. Of course, it would be pretty costly for someone from Phoenix to fix somebody’s kitchen sink in Sidney. But, it does mean you are getting hits by interested parties.

Another way to bring about the success of your videos is to create a playlist on your website through When you are logged into your Youtube account, look for Custom Video Players. Copy the videos code and place it in your code on your website. This can be a great bonus to your website. We have used this option for our own website. Click on and scroll down. (SAM does Hip Hop)

Another alternative to using YouTube is utilizing Windows Media Player. This can be done by linking your website right to Windows Media Player’s website. The problem with this method is that everyone must have the right software in order to be able to view the video. If it is a long video, there can often be a waiting time. Read more…