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The Gallery

Monday, September 28th, 2009

Is it no longer necessary to have to create galleries for your website from scratch. There is now software available to help display your images and has become very popular with photographers. However, anyone can enjoy this way to display their work, but keep in mind that it requires quality photos. Companies that focus on architecture, remodeling, decorating, landscaping and even hair design, can utilize this program to show off their talents.

There are a few things to consider when you are preparing to set up a gallery. The first is to compile a collection of quality photos for display. Unfortunately, with a software program you are limited to the displays that come with it and the way to put them together. Jalbum is a free program that creates galleries but it is somewhat complicated. The hardest part is updating it. Another program to consider is php software called Gallery. It is not easy to do custom work, but it is easier to update. Read more…

A Web Tool - The Media Kit

Sunday, September 20th, 2009

Media kits are often used as a tool for presenting. Traditionally, they are an expensive tool that is usually sent to individuals through the mail.

It is no longer necessary to create such an expensive physical kit and have it sent to you. It is more efficient to have it built on the web. This way it can be customized for your individual needs and it will still have all the tools, links, videos, photos etc that you need. A media kit allows you to accomplish many tasks that are related to presenting. For example, it provides you the ability to make a pdf of a photo or even a larger jpeg and make it downloadable for flyer use. If you are interested in using videos on the web the best way is to store them on Youtube and then access them through your site and media kit. Read more…