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Why a Custom Shopping Cart

Monday, March 1st, 2010

There are many items that don’t require customizing when selling on the Internet but too often the need for customizing isn’t considered when a merchant requests a shopping cart. The first response to the need for a shopping cart is a canned one. That is, one that has already been created as a package and adapted to the needs of the merchant. Let’s make an analogy. Supposing you have to move to Phoenix and you need to rent a house. You talk to someone and you tell them you need a house and it needs to have three bedrooms, two baths and a certain area. You put your money down and move. You forgot to mention you have a dog and you need a backyard. He also thought you would like a spa but you have little use for it since you have small kids and will have to close it off so they don’t fall in. The point is you, missed the details. It is better when you take a clear assessment of what you need and make sure you get it.

When building your site any research you do to define what you want your
shopping cart to do will save you in the long run. Suppose you are selling large items that you do not want shipped overseas, does your shopping cart allow you to be specific and not take orders where you do not want to send them. Suppose you sell freshly baked cakes and only want to deliver in your area and you want to calculate the distance. Suppose you need to get real specific as well. This is something most shopping carts don’t do. Suppose you want clients who order very large orders to get a discount on those large orders as
well. Or you would like to give your club a special discount without having to
send them a refund. Developers often use the canned carts like VirtueMart, X-Cart, Zen Cart, or PayPal’s shopping cart. Read more …