The Links to the Site

Linking to your site can raise your rank but there are some things you need to remember as you link to your site. Often when a link is created to a website only the domain name is used as the link. If your domain name does not have your important keywords in it then the link is not supporting your placement for those words. For instance, If I make a link for, it doesn’t have Phoenix website design in it, it does nothing for my placement. The one who owns the domain has an advantage right off the bat.

There is a way to help your name and that is to make the text of your keywords the link. This isn’t always possible but when it is, it adds power to your placement. Phoenix Web Design is linked to my site. If you are posting a link in a blog and make it the title, it doesn’t have any effect. I have just tested this, I made the term transNET Media┬« LLC a title in a blog and it didn’t do anything. Read more …

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