The Buzz Term “PCI Compliant”

When it became possible to sell items on the Internet, everyone wanted to do it. It became a dream job. Work at home while your websites work for you all the time, taking money and dropping it into your bank account. It was happening, but the horror stories started to erupt. Identity theft has been traced to charging on the Internet. This scares buyers from shopping at their computers and prefer the real store front.

There are many that believe that it is unsafe to buy or put their credit cards online, and justifiably so. Although this should be, and can be, the safest way to buy. If a site is set up properly, your clients are at no risk. But unfortunately there are a lot of overlooked holes that websites fall into because people trusted their developers to know how to avoid the risks. If you are an online merchant, you have heard the buzz phrase, “PCI compliant.” Is your site PCI compliant and does it have to be?

If you go here you can read about what this means for your site’s security and what you need to take into account when taking money. If you’re using Paypal, it is compliant, but who is taking the credit card number? Is your site taking the number and sending it to Paypal, or is your site allowing Paypal to take the number? Read more…

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