Why is Redundant Content Penalized in Google?

If you are searching a topic and the same article comes up five times, this could make your research less effective and more time consuming. An article posted many times comes from a common belief that spinning your article all over the web will bring you more exposure. All this is doing is cluttering the web with redundant content. It is also reducing your website’s placement in the search engine rankings. This is even less effective than the traditional meta tag keyword myth. Look that one up. Redundant content has run its course, as Google, for one, looks for high-quality original sites in search of good content.

The World Wide Web is about content. It is a way to search and find something. It is important that content be original and clean. Google’s algorithms can now tell when an article is repeated and spun with a few words changed to fool the robots.
If you have a concern about rankings in search engines do not reuse your articles all over the web. If you want to post to a publisher, do not repeat the article on your site. It is O.K. to link. If the publisher does not archive the article, it is O.K. to post it on your site. If the publisher owns the article, then post it on yours, as it leaves their site and credits the publisher for the article.  Read more…

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