The Title Tag and SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The title is not visible on the actual website. It is exposed above the address bar as shown below. The view below is from Firefox on the Mac. Different browsers place it elsewhere in the bar but not on the site itself. The title is the most powerful tag for your SEO (Search Engine Optimization)  strategy.

Even though the title is not visible on the website, it is on the address bar and is the label of the bookmark when saving a page to favorites. It is also what comes up when sharing the page on Linkedin, Facebook and other social media communications.


Rules to prompt the robots to recognize your page with the title:

  • Put strong keywords first. This isn’t about grammar or sound bites. This is about what the robots like.
  • Keep the theme of the page. If you are talking about hiking for exercise and not once is nutrition mentioned on the page, don’t use the word nutrition on the title of that page.
  • Each page should have a unique title. Since each page on your site contains different information. Robots like it when the title supports the information itself.
  • For strategy use the word of the site. The word of the site is what the whole site is about. Since the goal of the website is “health”, it is good to support this keyword yet keep the theme of the page. The page may not mention the actual word health but since it is in the name of the website and organization that is how to use it. My suggestion for the title would be: Exercise, Hiking – Health Conscious Movement.
  • The theme of the website or the theme of the page. Even though the word health is the most important for the website, it is not important for the page. Keep it in the title as to say this is from the Health Conscious Movement. Do not overwhelm the robots with words. Two or three words with the website name as a name not an address is the most effective.
  • Sentences are OK to use in the title. This works when the title is dynamic and the heading of the page automatically goes into the title. Most headings on blogs and dynamic pages follow the theme of the page. A few adverbs can help when sharing the page for social media. This can be more important than search engines for getting users to your site for the right reason.

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