Should a Startup Website Have a Strategy?

When a company decides to start a website, they face a plethora of choices. Choosing a web designer can mean employing a nephew who puts a great site on Facebook or MySpace or employing an elaborate, expensive .net site that promotes all the bells and whistles as well as quotes a high price tag. Some deals work and others somehow lose the business’s focus in the process. Overall, when planning its first website, a company should consider three items: 1. Search engine usage, 2. Domain name choice, and 3. Business tools
During my 14 years of website design, I often hear that search engines should not be considered when putting up a new website. In one sense this is true because search engines robot the website only every few months. So, even with a good strategy, a website might not show up for a couple of months. Instead of search engine strategy, a web designer might promote branding and image as the focal point for a new website. Sending the right message combined with the right look is important, too.
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